A Visual Guessing Game

by / Sunday, 10 March 2013 / Published in Blog - Space Log


Today’s Space Log post is a bit of a visual challenge. Take a look at the image above and try to guess what you think it is. At first glance, the repeating pattern appears much like that of a honeycomb. The color is kind of grayish brown, like rocks or dirt. Do you think this picture is a beehive? Maybe you guessed it was a picture taken from space. Well, sort of. The above image is actually a close-up of something that went to space and returned to Earth.


It’s the Apollo 6 Command Module, now on display at the Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Apollo 6 launched on April 6, 1968 (over 40 years ago!). The outer covering of the module is called Apollo Avco honeycomb and it acted as a heatshield material to protect the structure.


The Fernbank Center has lots of other cool space stuff to see besides the module, including a planetarium show, so if you are in Atlanta, definitely check it out!