How To Make Your Own Lunar Lander

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Lunar Lander Challenge with Janet’s PlanetMake Your Own Lunar Lander Design and build a shock-absorbing system that will protect two “astronauts” when they land. Follow the Design Process to: (1) design and build a shock-absorbing system out of paper, straws, and mini-marshmallows; (2) attach their shock absorber to a paper plate platform; and (3) improve

Comet ISON Photo Contest for Amateur Astronomers Launched by National Science Foundation CREDIT: by Megan Gannon, News Editor   |   October 27, 2013 10:29am EST Adam Block took this image of comet ISON using a SBIG STX16803 CCD Camera with a 32-inch Schulman Telescope Schulman Telescope atop Mount Lemmon from the University of Arizona’s SkyCenter on

Dear Friends of Janet’s Planet: As someone who had the honor to meet and speak with Buzz Aldrin about STEM education and Janet’s Planet last fall, I am encouraging you to vote for him as he competes on “Dancing With The Stars.” Even at 80, his mission is still to encourage the investigation of our

Solar Powered Cooking

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Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s so hot, a person could fry an egg right on the sidewalk?” Well, the students in Mrs. Patricia Peternell’s science class at St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School decided to test this theory…sort of. They actually recreated a Janet’s Planet experiment, one channeling solar power in order to

Next week, some exciting things are happening in the sky and if you live in certain parts of the United States or Asia, you just might get to see them. Sunday May 20 will be the date of an annular solar eclipse, which is what happens when the moon passes directly in front of the

Launching a Healthy Lunch

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Have you ever visited NASA’s Kid’s Club site? You might expect to see tons of cool stuff about space and our solar system on it, but did you know there is also some really great information about the systems inside our bodies…including our digestive system and what types of food we need to eat each day to

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been orbiting Mars since 2006, but some recent pictures taken by the powerful camera aboard this vessel are giving us something new to consider. The camera, HiRISE, allows us to see extremely detailed images from the Mars and showed some craters that give scientists reason to believe there is presence

Hey there all you fantastic fans of Janet’s Planet. Did you know that there are plans in the works for Janet’s Planet to come to a city near you in the form of a live stage show? Janet’s Planet Live, A Tour Through the Solar System is a 45-minute action packed show featuring Janet and a

Planets Need Friends?

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Friends are one of the best things in the world and sometimes, when we haven’t seen our friends in awhile, we can get pretty lonely. Did you know that a bunch of planets are considered lonely too? A team of astronomers recently discovered that space is filled with hundreds of billions of these lonely planets,

Staying Safe in All Weather

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The south is still in recovery mode after the storms that ripped through the area in the last few weeks. Some NASA images taken via Landsatellite are helping scientists understand the paths of the tornadoes. You might have heard your parents talking about the storms, or maybe you even live near where they took place. Storms that

The Astronaut’s Old Clothes

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “the clothes make the man?” While education, experience and passion for space are all important aspects in the career of an astronaut, you can’t get very far without the proper wardrobe. There’s a neat interactive feature on the New York Times website that gives you a chance for a closer look

Remember This?

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  Have you ever heard of a mnemonic device? No, it isn’t that thing your doctor uses to hold down your tongue when you say “ahhh.” A mnemonic device is a little trick that helps us to remember something which we might not otherwise be able to remember. You might be wondering what this has