Are you like us here at Janet’s Planet and excited to follow every move of the final shuttle STS-135 on its adventure in space? Never fear fellow space lovers! Thanks to a fun interactive tool on NASA’s website, we can all follow along as if we were right there with the team aboard the shuttle Atlantis!

For the astronauts headed to space this week in NASA’s final space shuttle launch, there is much to keep track of. Thankfully it won’t be such a huge task because along with the other gear headed to space will be an iPhone, complete with a specially designed space application or app. This will be the

Space History: 50 Years Later

Tuesday, 12 April 2011 by

Have you ever taken a trip only to ask your parents “are we there yet?” Your trip might have taken several hours or even days, depending on how far away your destination was. One very important trip that took place on this day in history lasted only 108 minutes, or 12 minutes shy of 2

Dear Janet’s Planet Friends: Here is what NASA chief Charles Bolden is working on. Do you have an opinion about the cuts in NASA’s budget? Do you have hopes for future exploration? Aren’t our shared missions truly about working, engaging, and building with the same raw material? And I am not talking about aluminum, steel

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