Celebrate Space Exploration with International Space Day

by / Thursday, 03 May 2012 / Published in Blog - Space Log

Here at Janet’s Planet Space Log blog, we’re very excited because Friday, May 4 is International Space Day. Started in 1997, Space Day is an educational initiative that takes place each year on either the first Thursday or Friday of May.

The day is a chance for folks everywhere to honor the amazing, incredible achievements in space exploration and all the technological discoveries made over the years. Hundreds of thousands of teachers and millions of students across the globe will participate in different activities that celebrate space on this year’s International Space Day.


Maybe your school is participating in Space Day! If not, there are plenty of fun things you can do on your own to celebrate. One way to celebrate National Space Day is by visiting to NASA’s website for tons of fun opportunities to learn and play games about space. You could also get a little crafty and make space-themed creations like the ones shown here.


If you want to get some friends together to celebrate space, maybe you could throw a party that is out of this world. Here are some great ideas for decorations, favors and yummy snacks with an outer space theme. Of you might want to whip up a batch of galaxy playing dough.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Space Day, make sure you get a grown-up’s permission and help, especially if you’re cooking or using craft supplies. Why not take this day to get the whole family together? Space Day might just become your favorite holiday!