The Art of Space

by / Tuesday, 31 May 2011 / Published in Blog - Space Log

NASA+Art+at+the+Smithsonian+-+Windows+Internet+Explorer+622011+104118+AM.bmp-1If you were asked to interpret the work of NASA through art, what would it look like? This is just the question a group of famous artists was asked and the works produced as their answers are in a new show. The show, ‘NASA/Art: 50 Years of Exploration’ is a traveling exhibition of about 50 works of art illustrating different perspectives on space, space travel and exploration. From paintings and drawings to sculpture and photography, the works in this show capture all different aspects of the history of the space program.

Some of the artists involved are Alexander Calder, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Rauschenberg, Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. Those more artistically inclined Janet’s Planet fans might be wondering how these artists are involved, when many of them are no longer alive. This program actually began way back in 1962, hence the show’s name, 50 Years of Exploration. To see more about this show and plan a visit, follow this link to the Smithsonian Institution.