Superstar Science Ambassador Gets You Ready for the Science Fair

by / Tuesday, 14 February 2012 / Published in Blog - Space Log

Here at the Space Log blog, we love to brag on folks who are doing exciting things in the world of science. Kevin Temmer is one of those people and that’s why we’re featuring him this week on Janet’s Planet. Kevin is a recent graduate from Land O’ Lakes High School in Florida and he received his diploma through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

As part of the community outreach in IB, Kevin created an original animated video (shown below) that teaches students about the science fair. Kevin’s video has been featured on several sites, including NASA, the National Science Foundation Knowledge Network, and National Geographic Kids.
All we have to say is wow, double wow, triple wow! Kevin is a science superstar! His film shares tons of great information about the scientific method and how to prepare for a science fair. Here at Janet’s Planet, we call them the 6 E’s! They are:

  • Encounter (ask a question)
  • Explore (form a hypothesis)
  • Experiment (test your theory by doing an experiment)
  • Evaluate (form a conclusion)
  • Experience (real life application of your findings)
  • Express (use what you learned!)

We’re so proud of Kevin for sharing his love of science with all of us. His passion for the field is obvious and we know he’s going to do great things spreading information and helping other students with their science fair projects, hopefully encouraging them to pursue careers in the world of science. He was even profiled by NASA in a recent article! Way to go Kevin and keep up the great work! We think you rock!