Naming X Competition!

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Dear Friends of Janet’s Planet!

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Submit before April 15th!

Naming X

2010 celebrates the 80th anniversary of the discovery of Pluto and marks the 1st year death anniversary of Venetia Burney Phair, the most influential 11year old in the history of astronomy who, died on 30th April 2009, aged 90.

Venetia, was a young schoolgirl, living in Oxford, England in 1930, when she came up with the name ‘Pluto’ for the newly discovered Planet X.

In the documentary about Venetia’s story, entitled Naming Pluto, Venetia recalls the moment she came up with the name. It was about 8 o’clock and I was having breakfast with my mother and my grandfather and my grandfather as usual opened the paper, the Times and in it he read that a new planet had been discovered. He wondered what it should be called. We all wondered. And then I said, “Why not call it Pluto”. And the whole thing stemmed from that.

But it was Venetia’s reasoning that made her suggestion far stronger than those that had been sent to Flagstaff, Arizona, from all corners of the world. Venetia was interested in classical mythology as well as astronomy, and considered the name, that of the Roman god of the Underworld, appropriate for such a presumably dark and cold world.

As a tribute to Venetia’s extraordinary contribution and Pluto’s discovery by the young American, Clyde Tombaugh, Space Renaissance Education Chapter, in collaboration with Father Films, is launching ‘Naming X’, to find the next influential student or school group, with the creative and scientific talent, to suggest a winning name for a planetary body, if it were to be discovered today, and why.

In Naming Pluto, director Ginita Jimenez asks a class of 8 year olds what they would call a planet and some very interesting suggestions were made!

Competition Rules

* Entrants must choose one name per entry and their reasoning for their choice of name is to be no longer than 25 words.

* Please enter your name, year, age and school’s name, City and Country and email address.

* In the subject box write the Category you are entering and your chosen name only, ie: Category 1 – Pluto. Please abide to this format or your name will not be considered. Should the same name be submitted by different applicants, the first to be submitted will be selected, so hurry!

* Winning entries are at the sole discretion of the judges and their decisions are final. Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted.

* Be as creative as you can, names need not comply with the classical rule like Pluto did. Think outside the box, remember we live in a different world and have made vast scientific advances since 1930. This could be your opportunity to make a contribution to astronomical history. Good luck!

Category 1 – for 1 – 11years
Category 2 – 12+
Category 3 – School groups

-Category 1 should resist help from their tutors or parents.
-Category 3 means that a classroom, a school or an after school group can enter as a team.

Submissions are to be made online no later than April 15th 2010. Winners will be announced April 30th 2010.

The selected name in each category will receive a copy of the award winning short film of Venetia’s story, Naming Pluto and an A3 film poster, both care of Father Films.

Our panel will be announced shortly. However, prepare to impress, as they’ll be a group of influential and world expert leaders in their field of astronomy, science and science history.

Send your submission to before 15th of April 2010.

IMPORTANT: In the subject line of email, please include the Category and Name you are proposing.
e.g: Category 1 – Pluto

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For more information please contact: Thilina Heenatigala