MoMath for Fun!

by / Tuesday, 28 June 2011 / Published in Blog - Space Log


There are all types of museums where we can go to get an up close look at things like famous artwork, scientific discoveries and historical objects. Have you ever heard of a museum dedicated entirely to math? The Museum of Mathematics is set to open in New York City next year and it will give viewers a whole new look into the world of this fascinating subject.

Maybe you didn’t realize math could be fascinating, but it definitely is! MoMath, as it is being nicknamed, will be a place where math comes to life. From exploring how the branches of gingko trees intersect at right angles more often than those of other trees to explaining why New York fire hydrant bolts are pentagonal, rather than the usual six-sided variety, MoMath’s creator is very excited about looking at math all around us and understanding it better.


One example of a possible exhibit at MoMath is called a Menger sponge. It appears at first like a large cube with square holes punched through each side, but upon closer examination the cube pulls apart diagonally and the holes become stars. It’s not just a neat thing to look at, but also something that can be explained using math. Does MoMath sound like a place your family would like to visit?