Dear Parents and Teachers


Welcome Grown-Ups!

Thank you for trusting Janet’s Planet as a resource for your children. Janet’s Planet wants your children not to be passive, but rather active learners. I believe what the physicist Rutherford said is true, “Science is a way of looking at the world and asking questions.”  Janet’s Planet invites girls and boys to ask questions to ensure that critical thinking is reinforced. At the core of Janet’s Planet there is a message that inspires lifelong learning and scientific literacy. The world of Janet’s Planet is filled with creativity and rich interactions. Our goal is to strategically design our programs in a way that educates and inspires scientific inquiry. Each program is grounded in educational research to ensure that we do more than just entertain.

The mission of Janet’s Planet is to work, engage and build with raw materials; and we are not talking about aluminum, steel or titanium. We are talking about the raw material of minds… young minds, brilliant minds, and future scientific and engineering minds.

With all my heart, I feel that unless we tap and fuel the scientific potential of our youth, the next generation of inventors, scientists and space explorers are in danger of not coming into being in numbers great enough to impact the needs of the global community.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Janet’s Planet seeks to bring to light the wonderful creativity that is an integral part of science.

Here at Janet’s Planet we recognize that there is a critical void in early science education and math literacy skills. Research shows that early elementary age groups are the most effective and appropriate developmental stages for introducing basic science and math concepts. 
Janet’s Planet science curriculum mission is to provide an important foundation for the development of critical thinking skills – a key component to a child’s success in life! 
The expert team of educators, writers, scientists, and media specialists works to ensure that Janet’s Planet delivers a dynamic, focused, fun learning experience for children to learn about the world around them.
Thanks for visiting Janet’s Planet. Come back often as we promise to do our best to bring the universe to your children and students!

Cosmic Peace to All!


*For more information, please email Janet at visit or call our headquaters, 615-415-9785.