Buzz Aldrin makes Dancing With the Stars Debut

by / Monday, 08 April 2013 / Published in Blog - Space Log

Dear Friends of Janet’s Planet:

As someone who had the honor to meet and speak with Buzz Aldrin about STEM education and Janet’s Planet last fall, I am encouraging you to vote for him as he competes on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Even at 80, his mission is still to encourage the investigation of our planet’s place in the universe.

<img of Buzz Aldrin and Janet Ivey>

Janet’s Planet and the National Space Society wishes Apollo 11 astronaut, and NSS Governor, Buzz Aldrin, great success in his latest adventure. As the next installment in his tireless efforts to raise public awareness of and support for the future of our nation’s space program, Buzz is trading in his moonwalking shoes for dancing shoes. By participating in the new season of Dancing with the Stars, Buzz (and the National Space Society along with him) will have a national audience, and a national stage from which to speak. Get additional information at